NCC Call Updates

A note to residents (namely our CA1s and CA2s who have not yet done NCC). There have been some updates to the way the call structure is set up for the rotation. A full detail of updates can be found on the NCC Page. Some highlights:

  • The NCC residents will take 7 overnight calls during the rotation. They will stay for rounds post-call and be let out by 10:30am.
  • Daily “late” resident will be specified ahead of time.
  • NCC NPs will be monitored by NCC faculty; they have administrative time in addition to clinical duties–but they are expected to care for their patients during the day–not just deferred to the call resident.
  • Formal EEG training WILL BE provided, but residents are not to be held accountable for final reads or missed reads.

Thanks all! Let us know if you have any questions!

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