New Weekly Topics and Schedule Updates

New weekly topics posted to the education/weekly anesthesia topics page! Check out the latest topic surrounding local anesthetic systemic toxicity!

Also, in case you missed it, 2020-2021 blocks schedules are out! See the latest on the schedule page. We’ve included schedule guidelines for the upcoming year for reference as well as a note on which elective or non-OR residents might get “pulled” to the MOR on education days! Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Update to HC Call Rooms

Our new HC Call rooms are #413 and #414. You can get a key on OB, just don’t forget to return it in AM.

You can use ‘lobby’ elevators or … Go to the TRANSPORT elevator bank right by the ORs and when scan your badge it will allow you to press the 4th floor button.

Hillcrest Call Rooms Flooded!

From Dr Lee:

Your call rooms at Hillcrest have been flooded BUT we have temporary replacements:

Room #411 and #412 – access is restricted to this floor

Go to the TRANSPORT elevator bank right by the ORs and when scan your badge it will allow you to press the 4th floor button. The other elevators won’t open on 4th floor…

We are supposed to have these until June 12th, hopefully problem will be fixed by then.

COVID Return-to-Work Protocols

There recently have been questions about illness symptoms and returning to work. Remember to contact Dr Engy Said if you have any questions or concerns about illness symptoms or possible COVID exposure. And know that we have a jeopardy system for this very reason! Never feel pressured to come to work because you are scared of missing a shift. WE WILL FIND COVERAGE.

We’ve included a flowchart that hopefully simplifies the protocols for return-to-work and COVID testing if you are exposed or are experiencing symptoms. Find the page here as well as a button link on the homepage.

Stay Safe!

What to do if a patient tests positive for COVID-19?

From Dr Brzenski:

Today we had two asymptomatic outpatients who tested positive on their rapid COVID test prior to a surgery and a procedure. Should this happen to any of your elective outpatients there are certain steps that need to be undertaken before the patient can be escorted out to their transportation to return home.

  1. Call the ID pager to alert the ID team of the positive test for the patient.
  2. Order an ID COVID-19 referral to ensure that follow up occurs by the ID team.
  3. Ensure that the patient receives strict return precautions should they become symptomatic before being contacted by the ID team.
  4. The patient will be escorted out to their transportation with security.

The surgeons will need to follow up with their patients after the positive result with the goal to re-test the patient in 2 weeks. Currently the Infectious Disease team is recommending two negative tests for an elective outpatient procedure a week apart before the patient is rescheduled. The surgeons and infectious disease should handle much of these items, but you may be asked about how to proceed.

A document outlining the referral process is linked here. A button for this is also highlighted on top of our homepage.

Weekly Anesthesia Topics

Thanks to our Education Chiefs, we have now launched a new series presenting weekly anesthesia topics with landmark/relevant papers and related ITE topics. The goals of this project are to provide an answer to the “what teaching topic would you like to discuss for today?” question that inevitably arises and to build residents that are well-versed in primary literature. See the new topics here.

Update to COVID page

Cleaned up our COVID clinical resources page today. For the most up-to-date clinical information, procedures and protocols, please refer to the UCSD pulse COVID-19 website. The site was recently revamped with better organization making it necessary to pull our relevant data manually. We will continue to have VA info on our page as our residents do rotate through the VA and those protocols can differ from UCSD.

Departmental COVID Contact

Dr. Engy Said has agreed to be our departmental COVID contact. If you happen to test positive, it is imperative that you let her know so that she can work to determine if additional people need to be tested and/or removed from the schedule. We have links on the homepage at the top to guide you with official UCSD guidelines for what to do if you are a) exposed or b) test positive for COVID. This will be especially important if we end up getting an outbreak among our clinical colleagues.

Please note, the VA protocol for COVID exposure is different—currently requiring all who work at the VA to get formally tested with confirmed negative COVID testing before returning to work.