COVID-19 Clinical Resources

UCSD PULSE INTRANET CORONAVIRUS LANDING PAGE has been revamped with better organization and up to date reports. Please refer to this site for the most up to date information regarding UCSD policies and procedures for COVID-19

Approach to PPE regarding COVID testing results: We should treat patients with negative COVID tests as if they are a normal, everyday case and use regular PPE

VA Protocols

Handbooks and Infosheets from outside sources


ACCRAC Interview with Italian Physician 3/15/2020

ACCRAC Management of Hypoxemia in COVID-19 3/21/2020

UCSD Recommended PPE Don/Doff Video

VASDHS Recommended PPE Don/Doff Videos


In-room DOFF:

Doffing area DOFF:

(Demo of COVID specific airway tools) the ‘hypoxemic patient scenario’ video