Zoom and Teleconferencing


UCSD Instructions for Zoom Account Access (Signing up for the first time for your own account)

Step 1: Self-register for a basic UCHealth zoom account from the following URL https://uchealth.zoom.us/signin.

Step 2: Zoom meetings can be facilitated via website, but can be easier if done by downloading the Zoom app onto your computer (LINK)

Step 3: UCSD Health has granted free Zoom Pro access for those who will be hosting meetings longer than 40 minutes and with more than 100 participants. You must request Zoom Pro access after completing Step 1. LINK: https://uchealth.zoom.us and click on “Request a Pro Account”.


Windows/Mac Userguide via Pulse

  1. Log in with SSO and use UCSD Health credentials
  2. Click SCHEDULE
  3. Enter desired details/settings for your meeting
  4. Zoom will create a calendar event that you can add to your own calendar +/- invite people (not necessary to invite people at this step)
  5. Click the MEETING tab
  6. Select your scheduled meeting
  7. Click “add invitees” to can invite participants via email, message, or get a link
  8. Start your meeting

If you need additional assistance, please refer to the UCSD Pulse site for more details/links to IT help: https://pulse.ucsd.edu/departments/is/ServiceManagement/Pages/Zoom.aspx